You have things to say. People to inspire. Conversations to spark(le).

YOU inspire ME.


So let's make your revolution sing.

(no matter its size.)


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Things I love :

Women (and men) doing inspiring, amazing things—their own way.

Words that sound soulfully good—to your ears and your heart. 

Wool. Dogs. Cheese. (It’s hard to choose, really.)



Hi. I’m Cate. 

I help creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, passionate people, and women on a mission communicate clearly—and with deep, real love. 

I’ve been a professional writer and editor since 2011, and an entrepreneur since 2013, writing and editing for many creative and solopreneurs including tiny blue orange and Rockin’ Mom’s Kitchen. I’ve fought my own battles with authenticity and self-expression, and while it took some soul searching, I’ve won the war.

And I'm here to make your message magic

So let's get started.

Compelling Copy

Not so certain those words on your website are earning their space? Let’s correct your copy so your brand, your personality, and your message are captivating and candid.


Copywriting consults start at $75 per page. Get a personalized quote.


Capable Communication

You didn’t write that email, article, letter, or resume so someone would skim it and skip to the next one. Let’s magnetize your message and raise your results.

Content and copyediting starts at $25 per page. Get a personalized quote.

Clean Content

Yay! You’ve written It: your novel, your signature course, your ebook manifesto. Now it’s time to polish every word for a masterpiece that dazzlesclearly and concisely.

Content and copyediting starts at $40 per 1,000 words. Get a personalized quote.



P.S. Reallyreallyreally don’t want to write yourself? I take a limited number of copywriting and ghostwriting projects a year. If you’d like to be one of them, talk to me.

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